I Smile Because…

Jeimy looking to mountains in Montana

It’s been only 5 years since the Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling group became more than just an idea on a piece of paper. It has become more than that to everyone who has taken part of our journey as cyclist. Once you become involved with the group you will always have a part of it for the rest of your life.

I was only 15 when I first joined Spoke ‘n Revolutions and cycled my first 1800 miles. This picture represents each day of a cycling tour because even if it is a rough day with several never ending hills or just an extremely “hot day” ride, you will always have a smile at the end of the day. I smile because I have accomplished more than I thought I could. I smile because I have a cycling family. I smile because after being on a bike seat for several hours I can finally get off. And I smile because this picture captures what a cycling trip is – pure joy!


Triangle Bikeworks started as a pilot project in 2010 to see if teens would enjoy a 60 mile bike ride. It came after a conjuring by one of the founders to have youth cycle from Maine to Florida. That project has now become the flagship program Spoke’n Revolutions which takes youth on cross country tours. Triangle Bikeworks also added competitive cycling programs in the form of Cyclocross and Mountain Bike racing. We’re unique in the fact that we’re the only nonprofit serving underrepresented youth in the Triangle area cycling arena.

Jeimy Leading A 'Bike Dance'

Current Programs

  • Spoke’n Revolutions Youth Cycling – history and cultures based cross country tours
  • Cyclocross – competitive cycling in the fall
  • Mountain Biking – competitive cycling in the spring
  • Bikes and Barnyards – a summer bike camp

Why We Exist?

  • Current school curriculums are not able to do a deep dive into cultural or historical elements of our country.
  • There is a need for project based learning because it is effective and lasting.
  • Youth need physical activities for proper brain development
  • Not all youth participate in traditional school sports
  • There is a high cost of entry in the field of cycling
  • Youth of color aren’t large participants in organized cycling

The programs of Triangle Bikeworks transformed the life of Jeimy in the most amazing way. She returns from college and gives back to the organization to make sure other youth have an opportunity to have similar experiences.

For the price of a coffee twice a month you can ensure opportunities continue to be given to youth like Jeimy. Transforming lives, one revolution at a time.

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2013 Youth Bike Summit-Day 1 of 2

2013 Youth Bike Summit

Spoke’n Revolutions Youth Cyclists arrived to the 2013 Recycle a Bicycle’s Youth Bike Summit at The New School in Manhattan ready to meet new people and make new friends.  Tonight’s icebreaker events were part normal (questionnaire on someone you just met) and part quirky (throw one shoe in a pile and find the owner of the shoe you pickup) but all the way fun.  This sets the stage for a wonderful two day event.

The girls of SnR present tomorrow afternoon. But tonight, we’re resting with smiles on our faces and plenty to talk about with new friends at breakfast.

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Come On!!

Scenes from the 2012 Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling Tour of Discovery

The youth cyclists are hitting you hard with this high energy video that gives a glimpse of life on the tour in under 2mins FLAT!!!  Hold On!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn4lA5L4enU&autoplay=0&rel=0&hd=1&autohide=1]
Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cyclists journeyed 1700 miles along the Lewis and Clark trail from Council Bluffs, IA to Astoria, OR with stopovers in Yellowstone National Park, Devils Tower National Monument, CrazyHorse Monument, Mt. Rushmore, Mammoth Hotsprings and many other sites along the way. It was an arduous and glorious 48 days of touring. Mostly on their recycled bicycles.

To The Residents of Whitehall, Montana ~ Thank you!!

Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement that folks in Whitehall and the area are not representative of the person in Cardwell.

For the record, the gas station/RV Park/Casino is in Cardwell. It doesn’t have septic and folks have to drive to Whitehall and use the Whitetail RV Park there.  I can’t find where we’ve written the name of the RV Park but it changed name and owners and are trying to get back on its feet from the actions of the previous owner.

The list goes very long for our stay there in Whitehall because from the very beginning Justin, who was managing the property that day, was gracious, obliging and welcoming.  He moved his trailer so that we can pitch our tents, he gave my wife a soda after her long ride (which was big for her), he allowed us to use his grill and even broke bread with us.  He was fantastic.

The Whitetail RV Park (I think that’s the name) also has a laundry that they allow the townspeople to use as well as a car wash.  Justin was great and from the comments of residents of Whitehall he would have made you proud.  Justin is how we remember Whitehall, MT.

I’m sorry if there was some confusion about where the event occurred.  We remember Whitehall fondly.


Whitetail Creek Motel & RV Park 
513 E Legion St, Whitehall, MT

 (406) 287-5315 ‎ · whitetailcreekmotelrvpark.com 

Cardwell Store & RV Park 
770 Mt Highway 2 E, Cardwell, MT